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Good news for those who want to work at the Matalan!

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Welcome to Matalan, the British clothing and homeware retailer. Recent years are good times to applying to companies that are in the fashion and homeware industry, because these kinds of retail stores are trending more and more in these years. You can make sure that you will be provided with both a good salary and good work conditions. Thus, you can live a settled-down life just as you want in your upcoming years.

matalan job application

Matalan Jobs

Different job positions are available in Matalan. You can show your enthusiasm about either fashion or homeware designs by working at the job position that fits to your desires the most. Check the job openings in the official website of the company and you can be one of the many people that are working for Matalan by applying to a job position easily today!

The part-time jobs can be found using the above location and keywords based search tool. Use appropriate keywords. Select your nearest store.

The beginner roles for Matalan job application online are easily accessible which pay around 5 or 6 GBP per hour on an average in the UK market. This includes roles like customer service, retail sales associate, and customer sales assistant, and many more.

How to Apply For Matalan Job?

The way to fill the Matalan application form is to look for open vacancies first. Using the tool above or just browsing, gather a few, view their entire job description and hit the apply button nearby.

This prompts you to create an account or just log in. For beginner and freshers do not worry about putting anything regarding prior experience in the Matalan job application form.

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Matalan Job Application Form PDF/Printout

You can find the printable job application form pdf down below in our website. It is a long application form with 7 pages, which you fill in the position you want and personal details in the first page. Next, you will give information about your employment history, education and experience.

Then you will write your available hours in the form. Additionally, you will give information about an emergency contact in case there is an emergency situation. If you are interested in working, you can apply to the job today.

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): Available: Download Matalan Job Application PDF