Oxfam GB Job Application Form 2020

Oxfam GB Application Online

Oxfam GB is a global organization that works for the benefit of the people. They offer with their services in various areas for the benefit of the people from developing projects to saving lives. You can join the movement as a field worker at the entry level or as a professional in various faculties and administration. When working with Oxfam it is certain that you get to be a part of the international team of professionals from over 90 countries world wide. You can apply for the job position available online through the website.

Oxfam GB Job Application Form

To join wit the international team it is certain that you may have to join via their online portal. You may have to answer a simple questioner and provide detailed information about your present and past. You won’t be provided with a download printable format for job application.

Oxfam GB Part Time jobs

Being a global movement it is certain that you can be a part of the team on part time basis. The company usually requires a lot of field representatives to assist in various areas. You can be a helping hand and assist others who are involved on full time basis.

Oxfam GB Positions and Salary Information

The company hires over thousands of team members o work in various areas. Some of the latest job positions available are:-

Project Coordinator – your main role would be to offer with technical expertise in the relevant field. Apart from this you may be responsible for running the project efficiently in coordination with others. You have to try and deliver your goals within the desired period of time. It is certain that you may have to interact with all other team members who are a part of the project. For the right candidate the salary may vary depending on the location and type of project involved.

Data Analysts – This is a job in the IT sector. Your main role will be to analyze full data and then sort it depending on the requirements. You may also have to perform your duty in other areas including finance department and IT sector. It is certain that you need the right type of experience and qualification along with computer knowledge.

Finance and Compliance Coordinator – This job position is available for permanent employment. You may have to work at various locations within the country. The tenure is for fixed term and salaries constraint. You may have to look into financial matters related to each project.

Minimum age to work Oxfam GB: Age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: Administration Manager, Bookshop Manager, Communication Volunteer, Consultancy, Deputy Shop Manager,

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): Available: download

How to Apply for Oxfam GB

To apply for any job position you just have to visit the online website. From the home page you have to select the option for careers under current vacancies. Then you can browse through various categories and then select the right job that suits your requirements. On the application form you have to fill in all details required and then submit the application form online. The form will be reviewed by the Managers and then an email will be sent to you regarding the confirmation.

Application References: Official Site.