£500 Scholarship Program

For Students with Passion for Higher Studies

We offer one of the most extensive and trustworthy scholarship programs to the competent, talented and deserving students throughout the most renowned universities across the UK. We, as the career facilitator and future builder of the dynamic youth offer a financial assistance of 500 pounds once to the students who meet our awarding criteria.

Many students around the world are not able to acquire higher education that they deserve due to poverty and inaccessibility. Through our scholarship program, the underprivileged and deserving students are given the chance for a bright future. Apply and give yourself an opportunity that you deserve and have a shot at having the education that you dream of.

Our program provides scholarships to the most prestigious and renowned universities in the UK. Irrespective of the university that any student attend, since we are key believers in the importance of knowledge, we are giving every student an equal opportunity to achieve quality education.

We offer this opportunity to those students who are encountering hurdles in hiring by the top companies and organizations despite of having a good knowhow about online job application process. We with this platform help students and provide them higher chances of getting involved.

Let us have a look at some of these top profile companies, Tesco, Aldi, Argos, Morrisons, Primark, Asda, etc.

So, students do not waste your precious time and avail this golden opportunity as soon as possible.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

  • The promising students who want to continue their studies at graduate or post graduate level,
  • Students with a GPA of minimum 2.5,
  • Students must be studying in the UK colleges and universities,
  • Students who want to continue their education in any of the universities located abroad.
  • Students with nationality other than UK may also apply.
  • Only students with original credentials will be entertained, any doubtful or fake document will bring the application to rejection.
  • Every student have an opportunity to apply only once.

How to Apply

Application form

To apply for the scholarship program, download the application form and fill it out with the authentic information that is required. Be very careful while filling out the form and double-check it for any errors.

Scholarship Application Form

Any file that has incorrect information will be rejected.

An essay

You are also required to submit an essay of approximately 700-1000 words.

The required topic “For a better future (world) my goals in business life and recommendations for choosing a department.(To High School Students)”

In the essay give your reasons about why you should be selected for our scholarship program and why you think you deserve it. Attach this essay with your application form to scholarship@job-application.co.uk

Scholarship Rules

Basic Eligibility:

Students of at least 18 years old or more with any nationality can apply. There is no restriction of belonging to any country, only the students from an accredited university can apply. Students once rejected are no more eligible to apply for scholarship in future. Student should be accredited in a post –secondary institution of higher learning.

Original Documentation:

Students with fake credentials will be rejected. Any kind of copy right issues or resubmission of same documents as a second attempt will be strictly rejected. No trademark or copyrights should belong to any third party. Similarly, any kind of plagiarism will never be excused and will lead to disqualification of the student.

Selection and Informing the Selected Candidate:

The awarded winner will be informed through postal/ mail/ or phone number, so the most recent info data should be provided. If the selected candidate fails to respond within the assigned time period, the firm will offer scholarship to the next awaiting candidate. In short, in order to win the scholarship program, accurate and current address should be attached with the application form. The selected candidate must have to respond within 7 days after the date of awarding. The final selection depends upon the best written, the most inspiring essay and the earliest submitted application. The firm awarding the scholarship holds the right for the cancelation of application at any time for any valid objection without giving any prior warning or reasons behind this.

Awarding Criterion:

The awarded scholarship amount will only be handed over in the form of check to the accredited university of the award recipient. Scholarship check will be mailed to the student within 14 days of verification from the student. Any taxes incurred in the awarded scholarship amount will not be paid by the awarding company, the awardees is solely responsible for the payment of taxes. The student awarded has to submit a complete attested affidavit as required in the official rules. The payment will take place on the first week of September.

Privacy Policy:

The personal information provided by the applicant will be kept under strict privacy and it will not be disclosed until and unless required by the taxing authorities. However, under certain conditions the firm holds all the rights of displaying the applicant information and even the essay to their site and any other.

For further information and queries, please contact scholarship@job-application.co.uk or inbox us any time.

We are here to support you for your bright future.