Body Shop Job Application Form 2021

body shop job application

Body Shop Application Online

Body Shop is a leading beauty retail store that is a part of the L’OREAL group of products. Being a well known brand name dealer it is certain that they offer with reputable beauty products. This also makes them most preferred amongst customers. They keep on hiring new work force very often to meet the markets ever growing requirements. With their online services and eCommerce portals it is certain that you have an opportunity to look around for job positions at their stores. You can search for various job openings at the website and then apply for any job position.

Body Shop Job Application Form

No Positions Locations
1 Seasonal Colleague
Sutton and Manor
2 Customer Consultant 12 Hour
3 Seasonal Colleague 8hr doncaster Lakeside
4 Customer Consultant
5 Seasonal Colleague
6 Customer Consultant
7 Customer consultant
8 Seasonal Colleague Clarks Village Outlet
9 customer consultant
10 Customer Consultant
11 Customer Consultant
12 Customer Consultant
13 Customer Consultant
14 Customer Consultant
15 customer consultant
16 Customer Consultant
17 Customer Consultant
18 Customer Consultant
19 Customer consultant 8hrs Walthamstow
20 Customer Consultant – Aberdeen
21 Customer Consultant
22 12hr Customer Consultant
23 Customer consultant
St Albans
24 Customer consultant
25 Customer Consultant

The online web portal does not offer with printable version of the job application. You may have to search for relevant job on the website and then apply via their online application form provided. You have to try and provide with as much information as possible about your experience and qualification when applying. You ca attach your updated CV along with the application form. The HR team always reviews new applications submitted and get back instantly.

Body Shop Part Time Jobs

As the retail store is having multiple job positions available in various stores across UK it is certain that you can always find part time vacancies. Presently they are hiring sales team members for Christmas batch online for part time basis. You can apply for flexible hours starting from 8 hours minimum to 24 hours weekly.

Body Shop Positions and Salary Information

Being retail outlet it is certain that they always have multiple vacancies. Some of the full time vacancies Live presently are listed below:-

Assistant Managers – This is a permanent job position. You shall be offered with competitive salary package and discount offer on purchase of products. Being managerial position it is certain that you need prior experience in retails and beauty products. You have to display your best skills of leadership. It is also important that you need to interact regularly with customers.

Manager – This is a managerial position and you are expected to work in a team with others. You have to look into various tasks at the store and update latest product list. Maintaining inventory and employee details is also a part of your job. Your salary may include attractive package.

Xmas Temp – This is a flexible job position. You may have to work from 8 hours weekly to 30 hours weekly depending on your requirements. Your main role will be at various retails outlet counters within the store. You have to deal with customers and help make sales of the products. It is also certain that you may have to basic knowledge of all products and brands. Salary may vary depending on the location of the job.body shop job application

Facts About Working at Body Shop

Minimum age to work Body Shop: Age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: Customer Contultant, Assistant Manager, Make-Up Expert, Skin Care Expert, Full Time – Part Time

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): Unavailable.

How to apply Body Shop

To apply for the job position it is certain that you have to make use of the online application form. You have to provide with all possible details related to your education and experience. You have to provide with your contact details also so HR team can contact you any time. It is also important that you have to provide with your CV via the email provided.

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