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Booths is a British privately owned limited corporation of supermarket chains. The main office of the company is in Lancashire, United Kingdom. The main area that the company serves is Northern England. Booths was established in 1847 in Blackpool by a British tea trader Edwin Henry Booth, who was then 19 years old. Later on, the oldest son of the founder took over and apart from opening new stores, added cafés next to the market shops. The company was named as China House back then. Throughout 170 years, the company grew steadily and today there are 28 stores of the company in the United Kingdom. There are approximately 3 thousand people working for the company.

Booths Job Application Online

Booths will take on employees

Booths is an impressive supermarket chain that has been selling amazing products to its customers. Due to the preference of many people given to this supermarket, Booths is growing at a fast rate.

Minimum age to work Booths: Age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: General Assistant, Counter, Bakery, Class 1 Driver, Supply Control Analyst, Supervisor – Trading

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Booths Job Vacancies

In today’s times, there are many jobs for people with various skills. At Booths, there are many openings for various positions. Due to the ever expanding business of Booths, there are a lot of job vacancies here. Interested candidates can apply to the jobs of their choice. There are job openings for many positions in a variety of locations. Hence, you can get a good location for your job. Since the supermarket industry, is fast growing, Booths is always looking for talented individuals. You can select a type of job that you want. With a lot of job opportunities, your chance of getting a desirable job is maximum.

Booths Job Application Process

The job application process is very simple/ for this purpose, you will need your updated resume. This resume should have all the vital information. This includes your qualification, skills and experience. All these things are vital to your potential employer. You should write the job application in a professional and formal manner. This will make a lot of difference. Once you apply for the job, you will hear back from Booths. You will then be scheduled for an interview. Here, you are supposed to present yourself in the best manner possible. You will be selected on the basis of your qualification, experience and the requirements for the job. If you fit the requirements, you will get a job here.

Tips For Applying

If you are applying for a job at Booths, you should be particular about certain things. You should write in the application about what job you are applying for. The position you desire should be mentioned in your application. This gives a clear idea to the interviewer. If you are applying for a cashier or a sales associate, you should mention these positions clearly.

Booths Salary Info

Salary of a sales associate at Booths is around £14k. A cashier’s salary is about £7.7 per day.

  • General Assistant – Hourly £6.61 / About £11k – £13k
  • Tea Shop Assistant – Hourly £7 / About £1k
  • Cook – About £16k – £18k

booths job application