Ladbrokes Coral Application Online & PDF 2021

coral job application

Coral is a British company of betting stores chain. It belongs to GVC Holdings, another British gambling corporation that is one of the biggest of its kind in the world. Coral was founded by Joe Coral in 1926. It is one of the largest bookmaker companies in the United Kingdom. On their website, they offer betting options in many sports and games. At the end of 2016, Coral was purchased by Ladbrokes, a British bookmaker corporation and renamed it “Ladbrokes Coral”. Later in 2018, GVC Holdings bought the company. Coral owns 300 betting shops in Italy and as of 2015, the business owned more than 1,800 stores and 25 casinos throughout the United Kingdom. In total, it serves at more than 2,100 betting shops all around the globe.

coral job application

Ladbrokes Coral Jobs

The name Coral is synonymous with betting and gaming: the hallmark of a premier brand. The company offers sports betting, slots, table games, poker, and bingo to its customers, and the company offers a world of opportunities to deliver business results, assume responsibility and a fruitful career to our people who work with us. Explore different career opportunities here; we bet you’ll find a suitable role for you at Coral!

Ladbrokes Coral Application Online

In 2018, Coral continues to offer career opportunities for many positions. Coral was employment opportunities for all its departments in the past year, and aims to continue this with new stores. You can continue reading to download the printable application form and to apply online.

Being a chain of leading retail stores, Coral offers job seekers multiple job opportunities. The retail store has multiple stores within the UK in different locations.

The store offers job seekers multiple job positions both part-time and full-time. You can search for the company website via your web browser and then go through their career section.

You may find over 500 job positions under the retail section itself. Apart from this, you can find multiple vacancies as customer service representatives.

How to Apply

  1. Go to the official career website of GVC Holdings, which is the recent parent company of Ladbrokes Coral.
  2. Write down a keyword on the search bar and click on the “Go” button.
  3. There will be a list of jobs on the next page. Choose one of the jobs after looking at their conditions like location and the contact.
  4. Click on the arrow sign on the right of each row to proceed. If you want to save the position in your favorites, click on the heart button.
  5. Further information will be provided for you, read it carefully. If you are still interested in the position, click on the “Apply Online” button.
  6. You can also go back to the job list to evaluate the other jobs on the list. The other chance also is to add the job to your cart by clicking the button at the beginning of the page.
  7. You need to log in to proceed on the page. You can log in with your Facebook, Google, LinkedIn profiles.
  8. You can also create a new profile under the “Create a new profile” title.
  9. After that process, provide your personal information on your application form.
  10. You are now ready to submit your application form and finalize your process by sending the form to the authorities of the company.

Minimum age to work at Coral: The age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Coral Job Vacancies And Opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities at Coral. Being a popular and fast-growing company destination, there is always a need for skilled and interesting professionals at Coral. Interested candidates can get placed in this organization on the basis of their merits.

There are many full-time and part-time jobs at Coral. Many young and experienced candidates get good jobs at Coral every year.

Coral Available Positions

  • Shop Manager
  • Customer Service

Shop Manager

As a Shop Manager, you will lead, engage, and develop your shop team to offer a great experience for all of our customers. You will have full accountability for your shop’s performance and the skills to motivate and encourage your team to deliver the very best!

To lead, motivate and inspire the shop team to maximise shop profitability, through the promotion of products and management of costs.

To deliver, with the shop team outstanding customer service whilst adhering to all company policies, procedures, compliance and standards. Creating a safe and enjoyable environment where colleagues and customers feel welcomed and engaged.

Ladbrokes Coral Application Form

When applying for a job position at Coral you have the convenience of uploading your resume and application through their online web portal itself. The printable format is not available but you can contact them via their prime email id and online application format.

You can apply for a job at different locations within the UK for any job position. You may need prior retail experience or select to join at the entry-level as CSR or counter sales. The salary paid is on an hourly basis for entry-level and fixed salary structure at the professional level.

It has a wide range of departments from manufacturing to retailing, so check them out before filling the Coral job application online.

Coral job application. Learn about the application process. Career & Job vacancies. Check out the Coral job application form/pdf and apply for today’s job openings online.

Coral Job Application Process

You can learn the Coral job application process by following the steps below. There are similar processes for candidates who apply to Coral online or in person.

  1. The first thing we missed when applying for a job is the preparation of a resume and cover letter. In general, when applying, we apply with a CV that is out-of-date. Even though we do not know this, we are making this mistake. Coral wants you to fill in all the steps you need from your CV. If you have, add references absolutely.
  2. Job Applications. You can apply for Coral online, by e-mail, or in person. Whichever job you apply for, make sure that you apply the Coral specific instructions to make the application.
  3. Tests. When applying online for Coral, you can have a short test. Depending on the answers you have, you will be approved or rejected. This test generally controls your ethical values ​​and compliance with working conditions.
  4. Interview. If you are in the Coral interview phase, you will have a phone call or a face-to-face conversation with the recruitment staff or manager. They will give you the information you need before you accept them.
  5. In the last stage, Coral makes a job offer. If you have adopted Coral work facilities, you can accept this offer. Otherwise you may want some time to think. If you accept the job you will start the management process and you will be promised to start the job on the date officially agreed.

Coral Part-Time Jobs

AS a CSR you have the convenience to join a part-time basis. Apart from this the retail stores also hire part-time job seekers for various counter services. You can make the selection for both types via their web site.

Most housekeeping staff are hired for a minimum of 3-hour job where you are paid around 7 pounds for 3 hours service a week. CSR service job requires applicants to work for 15 hours a week with a salary starting from 7 pounds an hour. You may need at least a high school diploma to relevant experience in retails.

Coral positions and salary information

When searching you may come across the following job positions available at the Coral.

Customer Service Assistant – Minimum job requirement is about 15 hours a week on different weekdays. You may have to perform your role in multiple shifts. You will be paid with a minimum of 7 pounds an hour salary depending on the location of your job. Your main role would be to interact with customers and carry on sales. You have to work in a team with your team members and supervisors.

Customer Service – Job requirements are from 30 hours per week with a minimum education requirement and past experience. Certain the position is available for new recruits. Salary may vary starting from 8.30 pounds an hour with job position at the retail counter. You will be handling sales and cash for customers.

Customer Service Agents – This is a permanent position and your salary may be around 17,000 to 21,000 pounds annually. You have to work for around 30 hours a week. Your main role will be customer interaction and promotions. Most CSAs are expected to work for 5 days a week with 2 days left.