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jet job application

Jet is a brand name of Philips 66, an American international energy company, in Europe. The company is based in the United Kingdom and serves its customers with service stations. Although it used to serve in Denmark, Sweden and Ireland as well, today Jet serves in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. The brand was established in 1954 in Yorkshire, England by John Bill Roberts. Conoco purchased Jet in 1961. Conoco and Phillips Petroleum Company united in 2002 and formed ConocoPhillips and this corporation owns Jet Petrol Stations since then. Eastern European stations of the company were acquired by Lukoil, a Russian international energy company. Today, the owner company Phillips 66 wholesales more than 10 billion liters of oil from their more than 20 terminals all around the United Kingdom.

JET Job Application Online

JET will take on employees

According to the information from and notifications of Human Resources Department of JET Company, you can search for JET recruitment notices and get information about the firm, as a result, apply for a job, from our website.

Minimum age to work JET: The age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: Cashier, Station Attendant, Store Manager, Assistant Manager

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): NO

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jet job application