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Morrisons job application

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Morrisons is a British supermarket chain. After Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda and ahead of Aldi, it is the fourth-largest supermarket chain in the UK. The history of the company traces back to 2 centuries ago. The first Morrisons store was opened in 1899 in Bradford. Earlier in the 21st century, most of the Morrisons stores were located in the northern regions of England. However, lately, stores began to open in the southern regions of England plus Wales and Scotland. Today, there are almost 500 Morrisons stores across the UK, at which 110,000 employees are currently working.

Headquarters Wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC Hilmore House Gain Lane Bradford BD3 7DL UK
Revenue more than £10bn
Employees 132,000+
Industry Retail & Wholesale

Morrisons job application

Morrisons Jobs

Morrisons is one of the oldest supermarket chains in England which was created by William Morrisson in 1899. To this day, it has been a leader company in the industry and offers both customers and employees a great experience with its convenient and easy-to-use website with millions of visitors every year, with the high-quality groceries and drinks it sells, and the quality service it offers. Being an employee of Morrisons means being a part of one of the most privileged companies in the whole country.

No Positions Locations
1 Customer Assistant
2 Customer Assistant
3 Customer Assistant
4 Customer Assistant
5 Customer Assistant
6 Customer Assistant – Pick and Pack
7 Customer Assistant
8 Customer Assistant
9 Customer Assistant
10 Customer Assistant – Pick and Pack
11 Customer Assistant
12 Customer Assistant
13 Customer Assistant
Wood Green
14 Customer Assistant – Pick and Pack
Canning Town Station
15 Customer Assistant
16 Customer Assistant
Milton Keynes
17 Customer Assistant
18 Customer Assistant – Pick and Pack
19 Customer Assistant
20 Customer Assistant
21 Customer Assistant
22 Customer Assistant – Pick and Pack
Canvey Island
23 Customer Assistant
24 Customer Assistant
25 Customer Assistant

Morrisons is certainly one of the best companies to apply for a new job if you are living in the United Kingdom. The company has become so successful not only by having a great marketing strategy but also by making its employees as happy as possible. This is because happy employees work better naturally. You can both have a promising career and a happy life by working in Morrisons.

Different job openings are available in Morrisons, which you can check and read detailed information about all of them on the official website of Morrisons.

If you are certain about applying to a new job in Morrisons, you can see various job positions also on our website below. Good luck with your new job in Morrisons!

How do I apply for a job at Morrisons online?

  1. Go to the career web page of Morrisons.
  2. You can first watch the video prepared for the will-be-workers.
  3. Fill any keywords on the toolbar to customize your research and click to “Enter” button.
  4. You can also choose the region you want to work at and the team you want to work with.
  5. A list of jobs will be shown to you to let you evaluate them in detail. Click on “More Info” if you want to learn further information about a job position.
  6. See the job details when you are interested in any job title. Then click on the “Apply” button below the page.
  7. There will be a registration page, which you need to fill to proceed. Upload your CV and finally click on the “Register” button on the bottom right part of the page.
  8. Finalize your application.

Morrisons Application Form PDF

Below, you can find the link to the job application form of Morrisons. Print it, fill it out by your hand and submit it to your local Morrisons store for employment. Good luck!

You are able to track the application through the same account. The offline process using Morrisons job application PDF is not encouraged anymore for better. However, you can always go for an offline inquiry from managers at nearby stores for upcoming vacancies.

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): Available.

Download Morrisons Job Application PDF