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Each of the four countries of the United Kingdom has a publicly funded health care system referred to as the National Health Service (NHS). The terms “National Health Service” or “NHS” are also used to refer to the four systems collectively.

According to the information from and notifications of Human Resources Department of NHS Company, you can search for NHS recruitment notices and get information about the firm, as a result, apply for a job, from our website.

Minimum age to work NHS: Age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: Volunteer Driver, Healthcare Support Worker, Receptionist, Reception Supervisor, Healthcare Assistant, Community Staff Nurse, Ambulance Care Assistant, Patient Transport Service (PTS) Drivers, Domestic/Housekeeper, Part Time – Full Time

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Whichever area you join, you become part of a talented, passionate team of people, committed to providing the best care and treatment to patients. You will also enjoy one of the most competitive and flexible benefits packages offered by any employer in the UK.

They actively recruit people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. This helps NHS understand the different needs of NHS patients and provide the best possible service.

Benefits of working in the NHS

Everyone who joins the NHS is guaranteed a salary that matches their ability and responsibilities, and given every opportunity to increase it through training and development.

On top of your basic salary, you will receive at least 27 days’ holiday each year, plus a range of other benefits including occupational health and counselling services.

Pay and conditions

The national pay system for the NHS — Agenda for Change (AfC) —  is for all directly employed staff except doctors and the most senior managers.

The pay system offers real benefits including:

  • a standard working week of 37.5 hours
  • harmonised holiday entitlements of 27 days per year, plus eight general and public holidays,
  • rising to 33 days after 10 years’ service
  • pay enhancements to reward out of hours, shift and overtime working
  • better career and salary progression based on the application of knowledge and skills
  • an annual personal development review to support your career aspirations

NHS Salary Info

  • Domestic/Housekeeper £16,372 – £17,978
  • Community Staff Nurse £11,100 – £14,420
  • Healthcare Assistant £15,251 – £17,978
  • Assistant Technical Officer Pharmacy £15,251 – £17,978
  • Outpatients Receptionist £15,251 – £17,978
  • Healthcare Support Worker £16,800 – £19,655
  • Cleanliness Technician £15,251 – £15,516

Tips for Interview

If you are invited for an interview:

  • find out as much as you can about the employer, the role and the people who’ll be interviewing you if you’re given their names in advance
  • take time to prepare, eg check out in advance where the interview will be held, decide what you are going to wear and what you will take with you
  • think about the type of questions you may be asked and prepare some ideas to answer them
  • listen to the questions carefully and take your time when answering
  • take the opportunity to ask questions at the end

NHS Job Application

About NHS

All of the services were founded in 1948, based on legislation passed in 1946, 1947 and 1948, implementing the Beveridge Report recommendation to create “comprehensive health and rehabilitation services for prevention and cure of disease”. NHS Wales was originally part of the same structure as England until powers over the NHS in Wales were firstly transferred to the Secretary of State for Wales in 1969 and thereafter, in 1999, to the Welsh Assembly (now the Welsh Government) as part of Welsh devolution.

Each system operates independently, and is politically accountable to the relevant government: the Scottish Government, Welsh Government, the Northern Ireland Executive, and the UK Government which is responsible for England’s NHS. However, some functions might be routinely performed by one health service on behalf of another. For example, Northern Ireland has no high-security psychiatric hospitals and thus depends on using hospitals in Great Britain, routinely Carstairs State Mental Hospital in Scotland for male patients and Rampton Secure Hospital in England for female patients. Similarly, patients in North Wales use specialist facilities in Manchester and Liverpool which are much closer than facilities in Cardiff, and more routine services at the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. There have been issues about cross-border payments.