5 ways of understanding the company culture in business interview

5 ways of understanding the company culture in job interview

In addition to accepting a job, it is also critical for a happy business life to be able to work in harmony with the company culture. A job that you can think of is very difficult because you are not compliant with the culture. For this reason, there are some ways of understanding whether you are suitable for corporate culture at a business meeting.

5 ways of understanding the company culture in business interview

Finding a job after the job seeking stress justifies that all the troubles of the person are over. However, stepping into an inappropriate corporate culture can turn into an extremely annoying experiment.

In this process;

– Conflicts can occur with the managers, the person does not see value.

– The low energy or environment of discussion in the office can create more stress than job search stress.

– The dishonest manager or teammates are reduce the motivation to work.

– In companies with low energy, team performance can be low due to personal performance.

– Most importantly, the restless worker is struggling with the stress of working and finding a better job.

For this reason, it is extremely important to pay attention to some points to understand the corporate culture before negotiating the business.

Too many calls

If the candidate has been called more than four times, in the same company and he no longer remembers the names of the acquaintances, it can be said that there is a problem here. According to experts, meeting almost half of the company to get hired does not point to a good corporate culture. It is very hard to believe that a company that is trying to add everything to the decision process is moving fast and right.

Organization problem

Another feature that indicates a non-resident, long-term or short-term problematic corporate culture is that the interviewee does not come up with a convincing explanation. Often this is not a good sign that the company has forgotten the candidate or did not pay enough attention.

Mixed-minded employees

It is beneficial to stay away from a company that is gossiping about the company that it works with, gestures and facial expressions, and employees who reflect negative attitudes about a person or a team.


Another sign that shows the company’s culture is about smelling the general air of the institution. While waiting for a job interview, or looking around, it is absolutely necessary to look at the body language of the current employees, the dialogues in the environment and the clothes. These features can help you figure out if a person is suitable for the job.

Meeting the manager is a must

Another important sign is about the manager to work with. The candidate’s manager should pay attention to the way he behaves, the attitude, the body language, and the words he uses. If at any stage of the job interview you have not been interviewed by the candidate’s manager, it is important to remember that this situation can cause difficulties. The candidate must meet and communicate with his / her manager before starting work.