Tips on Interview “Be Impressive”

While the job interviews for candidates are extremely stressful, the process is completely different on the HR side. Sometimes it is useful to pay attention to some points to get the attention of the HR specialist who is looking for the worker who makes a few interviews during the day and makes a difference.


John Lees, author of the book “How To Get A Job You Love?” Shares the trick:

Be comfortable

It is very important to be comfortable with the interview. It is critical that the candidate, who allows the Human Resources expert to direct the interview, expresses himself well and is gullied. It’s a big plus to see that the HR specialist is both respectful and comfortable. It is necessary to give a short but complete answer that will meet the questions on the expectation list of the other party.

Focus on the job

Lees says one of the biggest interview problems is that the HR specialist’s only goal is to focus on him, forgetting that the job is to fill the position needed. It is very important to analyze the role in advance, to give short but effective personal examples and to give only position-oriented information.

Related skills

Lees emphasizes that you must avoid telling your talents one by one. Your ability, describe blends with the qualifications for the position you want to apply, on the other hand is affecting more.

Use concrete expressions

Your employer or Human Resources specialist may not always understand your technical skills very well. For this reason, when talking about skills, it is necessary to use a style of expressions full of examples that can be easily revived in the other person’s mind.

Avoiding being predictable

One of the most important things to do to influence the Human Resources specialist is to escape stereotypes. It is very important to avoid some expressions that candidates often use in negotiations and to be original.

Listen and wait

It is also important to weigh a bit before listening to the answer after listening as well as being a good listener. This moment of short pause is both curious as well as being a reason of appreciation for showing that you are not in a hurry to answer for the other party and that you are thinking about it.