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Hello to 99p Stores Ltd. 99p Stores is a relatively newly-formed private limited company, which is in the retail industry business. The company was founded in 2001 and since then it remained as a family business.

It has became a big company with more than 220 locations throughout the U.K. and has more than 3000 employees. Most of the locations of 99p in the U.K. are in the southern regions. The company offers many different products, from electronics to toys and food.

99p Stores Job Application

99p Stores Jobs

This company is a relatively new company. It has gained success and grew in a short time, which indicates that most probably it will continue growing in the upcoming years. Thus, it is the right time for you to become a new employee of this successful brand.

While 99p Stores is growing, it will provide its employees with better working conditions and higher salaries as an appreciation. No matter what, you will have a promising career in this company.

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99p Stores Job Application Form PDF/Printout

There is no printable job application form pdf online, so if you want to apply to 99p Stores, you can visit the official website and make an online application.

You also can see the available job openings at that website. You can also read information about the jobs in this company below in this website.

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