Dobbies Application Online & PDF 2022

Dobbies is a company that is in the gardening business. The main office of the company is in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. The company was established in 1865 in Renfrew, Scotland by James Dobbie. Then, it was called Dobbie & Co. The first store of Dobbies in England was opened in 1969. The product scale of the company includes plants, indoor and outdoor living goods, gardening tools and more.

Dobbies gathers its goods from more than 950 providers throughout the United Kingdom. The company was acquired by British wholesaling giant Tesco in 2007, before it was sold again to an investors group, led by Midlothian Capital Partners in 2016. Today, Dobbies Garden Centers Limited is the largest gardening corporation in the United Kingdom, and it runs 69 shops with more than 2,800 employees.

Dobbies Jobs

No Positions Locations
1 Operations Customer Advisor
2 Home, Gift and Seasonal Customer Advisor
3 Operations Customer Advisor
Bury St. Edmunds
4 Restaurant Customer Advisor
5 Restaurant Customer Advisor
6 Performer – Elves
7 Performer – Elves
Milton Keynes
8 Horticulture Customer Advisor
9 Performer – Elves
10 Operations Customer Advisor
11 Performer – Elves
King’s Lynn
12 Pet Customer Advisor
13 Performer – Elves
14 Performer – Elves
15 Performer – Elves
16 Restaurant Customer Advisor
17 Retail Assistant
18 Home, Gift and Seasonal Customer Advisor
19 Performer – Elves
20 Restaurant Customer Advisor
King’s Lynn
21 Performer – Elves
22 Horticulture Customer Advisor
23 Performer – Elves
24 Performer – Elves
25 Restaurant Customer Advisor

You’ve probably heard of Dobbies. For over 150 years, the Dobbies name has stood for quality horticulture, providing the very best products and expert advice to gardeners throughout the UK. With Dobbies’ reputation to uphold, the company does what it does best with the help of its amazing employee team. There is so much to do at Dobbies! The company has a wide range of opportunities to join one of the amazing employee teams. So, if you are enthusiastic, conscientious, a quick learner, and a good team-player, apply now to be a part of Dobbies’ welcoming family!

Dobbies Application Online

Dobbies is one of the leading horticulture company in the UK. The company offers some of the best garden products to customers. Dobbies is better known as the retail centre for garden products. There are over 34 Dobbies stores in various locations within the UK. The company deals with various plant equipment and products. You can browse through the company’s official website and go through the company profile before selecting any job position. Job seekers may find multiple job positions available.

How do I apply for a job at Dobbies online?

  1. Go to the official career website of Dobbies.
  2. You will see a toolbar on the next page. You can use it to customize your search.
  3. Enter a position, city, or postcode to find jobs available near you. Click on the “Search” button to proceed.
  4. There will be also a detailed toolbar on the next page with all of the sections of salary, sector, location and a keyword.
  5. You will be provided with a job list. Look at them in detail and choose an interesting one among them.
  6. Click on the “Details / Apply” button to continue.
  7. On the next page, you will be able to read further information about the job position. Read it carefully and if you are still interested in the position, click on the “Apply for this job” button.
  8. You can also share the position on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.
  9. You need to enter your email on the first step. Then, you need to upload your CV with all of your personal information and you need to answer some questions.
  10. After this process, you are now ready to finalize your application by submitting your form by clicking on the last “Apply” button.

Dobbies Job Application Form

The online web portal offers customers and job seekers an option to apply for the job via email or the job search tab. You just have to upload your application or send in a job request via email id. The company does not offer printable or download format for job applications presently.

Dobbies Part-Time Jobs

At the entry-level, you can look around for various positions in customer service. In general, jobs are available for full-time basis job seekers in various locations. Few positions may be available for part-time job seekers where you may have to work for 3 to 4 hours during the day. Salary may be negotiable for job seekers.

Dobbies Positions and Salary Information

Below stated are few job positions that are presently available at Dobbies.

Commis Chef – This position is available at the store’s restaurant. It is a full-time job position and you may have to work around 30 hours a week. Job seekers should be able to work in flexible shifts. Your salary package may include perks and incentives based on your performance. Your role will be to work at the restaurant. Your role will be to fulfill kitchen orders and maintain hygiene. You will also be entitled to 30 paid leave annually.

Customer Advisor – This is a part-time job position. You may have to work around 10 hours a week. In general, you may have to interact with customers and collect their reviews about the food preparation and services provided. You shall be paid a fixed salary. Other job duties may involve handling queries, maintaining hygiene, and collecting cash.

Horticulture Customer Advisory – This is a permanent job with flexible shift timings. You are expected to offer with best customer service. Your job will be to provide ideas and guidance to customers for maintaining their gardens. You may have to work for 18 hours during the weekdays in rotational shifts. Salary is negotiable for the right candidate. Proper relevant educational qualification and experience is required for this position. Company incentives are offered to the right candidate.

Minimum age to work at Dobbies: The age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: Horti Expert, Stock Controller, Commis Chef, Restaurant Customer Advisor, Indoor / Outdoor Living Customer Advisor

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): Unavailable.