How can you find a better job in 2020?

According to a survey conducted by Dale Carnegie Consulting, half of the world’s population will continue to seek employment by 2017, while half of the working population will be ready to change jobs at any time. We have compiled the tricky points that will make it easier for the job search process that is predicted to be difficult in 2017.

How can you find a better job in 2017

According to experts, although 2017 seems to be a year of increasing business opportunities due to the rapid development of different business areas, it is emphasized that some economic reasons will push the conditions. According to a survey conducted by Dale Carnegie Consulting, in 2017, 41 percent of the world’s population will continue to seek employment, with almost half of the working population ready to change jobs at any time. So, what do the experts suggest is what will make it easier to find a job in this process?

The trick to finding a good job in 2017:

Current CV

Among the most well-known points. Doing frequent profile updates on every job site you subscribe to and adapting changed features to your resume is important in that you are looking for active work, following the technology, and showing you work often. Especially since 2017, companies will pay more attention to their current biographies.

The intermediaries are now more valuable

According to experts, it is necessary to be more courageous when looking for work in the new period. It is an option to ask people who are satisfied with her workplace to introduce you to their employers or HR professionals. You can get advice from these people without job interview stress, or you can end the process by finding a job.

Voluntary work

According to research, candidates with experience working in voluntary or salaried, non-governmental organizations are also increasingly prominent. Experts rely more heavily on candidates who are responsible for social projects, such as job finishing and team membership.

More specific information

Due to the rapid development of technology, it can be said that jobs are also more diversified and specific. This seems to require a different approach in the CV. According to experts, candidates no longer need to use definitions such as “My Empathy, Compatibility, Success” in CV. These expressions, which the employer does not care about much anymore, take the place of the talents in detail.

Brighten technical skills

Even if the experts are not working in the IT sector, they stress that every employee must have some technical skills. Accordingly, it is very important that these skills are polished in their biographies and that they are brought forward. This has a decisive influence on employers.

Mobile concentration

Another outstanding job finding tool is mobile applications. It is extremely important that any application that helps the job search process be downloaded to the phone. While using apps is becoming mandatory, keeping track of articles, blogs and blogs with tricks that can help with the process is extremely critical to catch up with trends. It also makes it easier for people to use the alarm parts of such sites, especially Google.