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odeon job application

Odeon is a British movie theater operator that serves its customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Norway. The main office of the company is in London, UK. Oscar Deutsch established his first theatre in 1928, in Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England. There is a claim that the name of the company is an acronym, stemming from the founder’s motto “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”. However, this seems to be false as the name was in use in France and Italy before and is an Ancient Greek name. Even though by the time the founder died, there were already 258 Odeon halls across the country, today the number is decreased, and it is 122.

Headquarters London
Revenue £100m to £500m
Employees 1,001 to 5,000
Industry Department, Clothing & Shoe Stores
Links https://www.odeon.co.uk/

odeon job application

Odeon Jobs

Odeon sincerely values individuality. The company loves working together, having fun, and getting stuck into making its customers’ lives easier. Odeon focuses on the transfer of learning in the workplace to aid the optimization of individual growth and performance. Plus, Odeon goes out of its way to create incredible opportunities for every employee to grow. All of which means Odeon gets to be the best it can be every single day. Odeon wants all of the talented individuals who work for the company to develop and grow, so in all of its cinemas, you will learn essential skills, including retail and customer service. Be a part of a dynamic and exciting team. Join Odeon by applying for a job today!

Odeon Job Application Online

If you live in the UK, you must have heard of Odeon. Odeon is a cinema company, known for giving wonderful cinema experiences to people. Since movies are a big part of the entertainment industry, people love to watch them in the best quality. At Odeon, movie lovers get the worth of their money.

According to the information from and notifications of the Human Resources Department of Odeon Company, you can search for Odeon recruitment notices and get information about the firm, as a result, apply for a job, from our website.

How do I apply for a job at Odeon online?

  1. Go to the official career website of Odeon.
  2. On this page, you will see different sections of work life. Choose one of them to continue in your process. Click on the “Interested in Working with Us?” button on the next page.
  3. There will be a toolbar that you can use to customize your application search. Enter a region, role and keyword. Click on the “Search” button to continue.
  4. You will see a list of jobs that you can evaluate. There will be information about salary, department and location. Click on the “More” button to get further information.
  5. You can share this detailed information on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or via your email address by clicking these social media accounts signs on the top of the page.
  6. You can see the exact location of the job by using the google maps section. This way, you may evaluate the position better.
  7. After reading the job details, you can click on the “Apply for job” button if you are still interested in the position. You can also go back to the job list to evaluate the other jobs available for your specific interest by clicking on the “Back” button.
  8. You need to log in if you have clicked “Apply for job”. If you don’t have an account yet, you can log in with your LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Microsoft accounts, or you can go to the section of new candidates and provide basic information to open a new account.
  9. After creating your account and successfully signing in, you will see the online job application form of Odeon. You need to provide your personal information to the application form on the next pages.
  10. You need to upload your CV and accept the privacy agreement of the company to continue.
  11. Click on the last “Apply” button to submit the form to the company and finalize your application process.

Minimum age to work at Odeon: The age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: Cinema Administrator, Cinema Host, Costa Coffee Manager, Costa Barista, General Manager, CROME Duty Supervisor, Film Booking

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): Unavailable

Odeon Jobs Vacancies & Opportunities

No Positions Locations
1 Cinema Host
2 Cinema Host
3 Cinema Host
4 Cinema Host
5 Cinema Host
6 Cinema Host
7 Cinema Host
8 Cinema Host
9 Cinema Host
West Bromwich
10 Cinema Host
11 Cinema Host
12 Cinema Host
13 Cinema Host
14 Cinema Host
15 Cinema Host
16 Cinema Host
Newcastle upon Tyne
17 Cinema Host
18 Cinema Host
19 Cinema Host
20 Cinema Host
21 Cinema Host
22 Cinema Host
23 Cinema Host
24 Cinema Host
25 Cinema Host

There are many job vacancies at Odeon. Since this cinema company believes in giving the best cinematic experience to people, there is a lot of scope for interesting and talented people to work here. This is the reason why Odeon believes in working with different people. Hence, people like to apply for jobs here. If you want to work in an exciting place with lots of exciting work, this is the best place for you. There are many positions that you can apply for a job at Odeon. With the movie market getting bigger every year, Odeon has a lot of positions for talented people. Hence, you should apply for a job at the Odeon.

Odeon Salary Info

Team Member: Since Odeon has a lot of operations regarding the movie experience, there is a team of people for this purpose. Team member performs various tasks regarding the cinema watching experience of the customers. In return, the person makes about 6 pounds on a yearly basis.

Cinema Host: A cinema host looks after the people who have come to enjoy the movie. This job is about responsibility and proper welcoming of people. In return, the person makes about 7 pounds per hour.

  • Team Member – Hourly £6.27
  • Cinema Host – Hourly £6.56
  • Cinema Worker – Hourly £5 – £7