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If you like entertainment related news, HMV is the company you should look for. HMV offers many wonderful items like reviews and interviews. Hence, people can stay updated with the latest on the happenings of the entertainment world. Hence, HMV is liked by many people. People always want to know more about their favorite entertainment items in HMV.

According to the information from and notifications of Human Resources Department of HMV Company, you can search for HMV recruitment notices and get information about the firm, as a result, apply for a job, from our website.

Minimum age to work HMV: Age limit is 16 years or older.

Working Time: Varies depending on the position.

Available Positions: Loss Prevention Officer, Sales Assistant, Assistant Manager, Retail Assistant, Stockroom Assistant, Christmas Sales Assistant, Part Time – Full Time

Printable Application Form(PDF/DOC): NO

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HMV Job Vacancies And Opportunities

Since HMV deals with a lot of entertainment related items, there is a lot of demand for it. Hence, people like to work for this company. If you are one of those looking for a job here, you will love to work here and get the best job offers. Since HMV is hiring for a lot of positions, you should apply for a job that you are interested in. With so many vacancies in this company, people are applying in many places. You will love to work here since this is a great place for everyone. HMV is a place like no other. There are job opportunities for people who are talented at various things.

HMV Job Application Process

The application process for various jobs is the same. You should have an application letter that has all the information you want to give to your potential employer. You should email this letter to HMV to their email provided. Once this is done, you will get a call from them regarding the interview this is the last and crucial step for selection of a candidate. There are many such applicants. During the interview, you will ask questions regarding your qualifications and previous work experience. Hence, you should be well prepared to answer the same.

HMV Salary Info

Sales Assistant: This job is all about pushing the sales to meet the requirements. The sales associate deals with customers and makes good sale. For this job, the person gets about 14 thousand pounds yearly. You can also get an hourly contract job for the same position. For this, the person makes about 6 pounds per hour.

Sales Associate: With this job, the person deals with the sales with more responsibility. In return, one gets 6 pounds hourly.

  • Sales Assistant – Hourly £6.69 – Per Year £11k – £18k
  • Assistant Manager Per Year £23,716
  • Store Manager Per Year £20k – £51k
  • Supervisor – Hourly £6 – £7
  • Assistant Store Manager – Per Year £23k – £25k
  • Retail Assistant – Hourly £7 – £7

HMV Job Application

About HMV

HMV Retail Ltd, formerly HMV Group plc, is a British entertainment retailing company operating in the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, and Ireland. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was a constituent of the FTSE Fledgling Index. The first HMV-branded store was opened by the Gramophone Company on Oxford Street in 1921, and the HMV name was also used for television and radio sets manufactured from the 1930s onwards. The retail side of the business began to expand in the 1960s, and in 1998 was divested from EMI, the successor to the Gramophone Company, to form what would become HMV Group.

HMV stands for His Master’s Voice, the title of a painting by Francis Barraud of the dog Nipper listening to a cylinder phonograph, which was bought by the Gramophone Company in 1899. For advertising purposes this was changed to a wind-up gramophone, and eventually used simply as a silhouette.

As of August 2014, HMV has 125 stores across the United Kingdom, HMV also operate eight stores in the UK under the Fopp brand. Following the purchase by Hilco UK, it was reported that the company was seeking to reduce the number of store staff across the business, as part of an effort to save £7.8 million on the wages budget. Stores would lose security staff, cashiers and supervisors, with managers required to provide cover. As of August 2014, HMV has nine stores in Ireland.

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